A Day in the Life of Shara the Orc (SPOILERS!)

My superior had ordered me to go and find some male named Jocien Ancois. From the name I was guessing Breton..Way across the map to one of those horrid Ashlander Camps. Yet more ignorant Dunmer to have to try to speak to. Ugh.. Whatever. After a long and tiring trip across the map to the camp I learned that the Breton male had been headed to preach imperialism to some type of dark elf Witch.. From what I gathered when trying to talk to those ignorant Ashlanders.. Between them screaming at me to leave. Apparently these witches drain a man’s “essence”. Mabrigash they called them.. I snorted. “essence”? Ha!

Laughing low and deep.. Before spinning around with axe in hand to kill whatever was throwing fireballs at me while I talked to the only Dunmer female who was willing to speak to me about the man I was trying to find.

My axe Father’s gift was at home. I had gotten a stronger, better axe.. I had named it “Shara’s Shock” It glimmered in the sun as I brought it down hard on the ugliest black beetle I had ever seen. Even the Dunmer male that had been screaming at me to leave grew quiet then..Just staring with his beady red eyes, first at my axe and then at me..

“Shalk.” He murmured ,indicating the now dead beetle with a jerk of his thumb. I wiped my axe on the ground and put it away..

“Dead Shalk.” I laughed and pressed a couple of gold pieces into the palm of the one female who had spoken to me in a civil tone. We were about the same height, her and I..Only I had much curvier curves than she did. Her seeming. well.. skinny..

Still laughing as I turned and walked out of their camp towards the flapping pieces of paper on the ground.

She had been right, Jocien Ancois was messy and turning out to be more trouble than he was worth to me. I shrugged it off and continued walking. All the while contemplating such things as Dunmer women posing as some special sort of Witch that only consumes men’s “essence”. Laughing more times than not about that, and with my axe out about half the time. Killing already half dead and diseased rats by the dozen’s it seemed. That and the whole barrage of Ashland creatures that lived out here. It was truly disturbing just how many of them carried diseases.

Well at least for the moment there was no ash storm going on. Those could be brutal. Enough to make me take cover at times.. And wash my face and mouth to get the volcanic sand, dust, and ash out of my teeth and hair. Especially with my braids it tended to stay for long periods of time. And these braids took hours to do.. I did not want to take them down as soon as I had them done. Most of the time I carried a heavy robe and hood with a face mask as well. This way I could continue on my journey without being interrupted by one of those heavy storms.

It was so distracted when I nearly bumped into an Argonian male named Reeh-Jah.

Panicked he was.. Shrieking and making odd grunting noises as I wiped the guts from the last kill onto the ground before …

I thought he might be needing to use the bathroom pretty badly , jumping from foot to foot rapidly as he was, and then I thought he might just have lost his mind. His eyes never left my axe, or the innards now smeared into the ground. Maybe he had this soul sickness everyone was ranting about. Whatever was wrong with him, he would not get the first blow.

I took a step back and raised my axe.. Eying him with a slitted gaze.


~ by spiritedtreasure on December 17, 2009.

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