A Day in the Life of Shara the Orc (continued)

It was then that I noticed the slave bracer on his left wrist. The other wrist had been freed somehow but not at a small price. It was bloody and in need of medical help..I slowly lowered my axe and then sheathed it..

“You need not fear. My anger is reserved.. for the foolish.”

I stood there long minutes waiting for the Argonian male to let my words sink in.. Finally calming down. I stood there a bit longer for him to be sure.. His heart must have been pounding..

“Let me see your wrists.”

A few minutes more until he felt brave enough to walk towards me and extend them.. I used my magic amulet of lock opening to unlock the remaining bracer and took some of the potions out of my backpack.. The bracer fell to the ground with a dull thud. When I was done with him I picked it up and pushed it into my already bulging pack.  Witchcraft could be done on the smallest bit of skin or hair. I would not allow that to happen to this one.

“I’m no healer but an alchemist of sorts.. Here, drink these.. It will help your right wrist to heal.”

He sniffed and then shrugged. Drinking the three potions I had given him.. All home made and all very much longer lasting than the stuff I could buy in shops. One cure disease, one restore fatigue and one restore health. I scrounged around in my pack for stuff for him.. From the looks of him he must be starving. Also I took out some clothes I had found on my adventuring in the last cave I had gone in. Some chitin armor and pants, shirt and shoes.. Last I gave him a shortblade and a shield.

“Put those on and then come and sit with me for a while.. We will talk about just what you are doing out here in the middle of nowhere.”

As I sat I made a small fire and with my supplies I began to brew some strong tea. He kept his eyes on me but put on the clothing, armor and weapon I had given him.. Then he sat and I pushed an ash yam towards him.. He took it and bit it.. Starving as I had guessed. I had plenty of supplies in my pack.. I would share a full meal with him while we talked of what his goal was and what help he needed.

A bit of water in a small pot and some vegetables and houndmeat and there was a stew cooking.. As well as the strong tea which had a bit of healing herb in it.. He ate everything I gave him and finished off with some bread. After a couple of hours he seemed sure enough of my intentions to tell me that he had escaped from the slavers in Tel-Aruhn.

I asked him where he was trying to go and he said the Argonian mission in Ebonheart.. Well that was quite a journey but not too far if we could make it to the boat captain in Sadrith Mora.. I told him of my plan and said I would escort him there as long as he would not run away every time some creature burped in our direction. He laughed a bit nervously at that and then I pointed to the blade I had given him.

“You have a weapon. Use it if you need it. You are no longer a slave. You are a free man.”

He seemed to think on that for long minutes before he stood and said he was ready. We kicked dirt over the small fire after I gathered my supplies. I gave him a couple more homemade restore fatigue and restore health potions and a small pack for his supplies.

He shouldered his pack and straightened his sword on his hip and we were off in the direction of Sadrith Mora.


~ by spiritedtreasure on December 17, 2009.

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