A day in the life of Shara the Orc (continued 2)

It wasn’t a hundred feet before we ran into one of those odd-looking Kagouti.. I’ve always thought they looked a lot like someone’s thumb.. It caught sight of us and raced towards.. I took out my axe and menaced it.. It did not seem to care. It’s huge mouth opened to take a bite out of me.. I sighed as I heard Reeh-Jah running away..

My axe came down hard as it bit my side.. Turning its ugly mouth sideways like they always do.. I screamed out at it and brought my axe down again. It’s breath burning my eyes as it’s blood soaked me. Again and again I brought down my axe.. My side burning with its repeted bites. It’s teeth sinking in deep each time..

“Die with honor! Coward!”

I screamed in frustration.. “Why won’t you die!!??”

My arm was getting weak from those bites in my side.. But finally I landed a blow right between its eyes and it fell..
I was too tired to skin it right now.. And sat right down on the ground to take a couple of healing potions.. Feeling my skin and bones knitting.  My body aching still but healed. Those longer lasting potions would keep working for many minutes.

“Now where did that Argonian get off to?”

I stood up and looked around..Dusting myself off,  I  Walked a few paces.. up a small hill.. These ashlands were pretty in their own way.. “Oh there he is”.. He was hiding behind a huge rock.. More boulder than anything. His eyes as wide as saucers as I walked towards him.. Chopping the earth deeply with my axe to clean it and then sheathing it…I kept walking.. Slower now.. He looked so panicked.. When I got close enough I grabbed him and hugged him hard.. Not saying anything.. His body shook as he sobbed.. Finally I felt him hug back. I soothed his back and face with my free hand.. Wondering just how long it had been since he had felt a friendly touch..

“Come on Reeh-Jah.. Let’s get going.. It’s a long ways from here to Sadrith Mora.”

He scrubbed his eyes and nodded. “I won’t run next time.” It seemed as if he looked at me with the pain of an age. A deep sadness and loss inside him. I shuddered to think  just what they might have made him do.

I smiled.. Turning to set off to skin that beast and then keep going.. I had it down to an art, and taught him how as well. These hides were good for Alchemy or selling.. Either way was a win win situation.

The beach was beautiful in front of us.. But I knew many Slaughterfish and Dreugh lurked there. I just hoped Reeh-Jah would remain true to his word, and not run.


~ by spiritedtreasure on December 18, 2009.

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