A day in the life of Shara the Orc (continued 3)


I turned, feeling the salt air against my face. I reached into my backpack and rummaged around for the trinket I had for water breathing.  “I can breathe like you with this on.” I smiled and put the amulet around my neck. Fingering it for a moment while I gaged Reeh-Jah’s mood. I could feel it’s magic surrounding me like a blanket. The effect would  remain active  until I took the amulet off again.

“Let’s go.” Was all I said as I turned, after making sure my waterproof backpack was securely closed, and walked into the water. I could hear Reeh-Jah right behind me. I smiled quietly. Continuing to swim, that is until I heard him unsheathe the blade I had given him.

I turned and pulled out my axe, swimming towards Reeh-Jah. I could see a swarm of Slaughterfish attacking him  all at once, and an ugly pink, crab-like Dreugh behind them, seeming to wait its turn. It’s vacant black eyes staring. Shock waves rippled in the water as I swung my axe as hard as I could towards the swarm. Those fish were vicious, with their tiny needle like teeth.

I got close enough to Reeh-Jah to shove a corked bottle of health potion I had strapped to my belt for just such occasions, into his scaly hand. “Go!” I screamed into the water. But he did not..

It seemed an age that we battled those horrible fish. They plopped to the surface dead, one by one as we battled them.. Shockwaves rocking the waters around us. The water filling with both our blood and theirs. Reeh-Jah seemed in his element. Taking no notice of the many bites that they had given him, as he used claw and teeth, and his scaly barbed tail, as well as the sword I had given him to help me battle them and send them to oblivion.

Then came the Dreugh, with its Octopus-like lower body and crab-like chest and pincers. The vacant black eyes that made me want to scream at it..

I swung my axe as hard as I could towards the monster. It made a war cry and lunged for me. Just what I had wanted. This gave Reeh-Jah a chance to stab it with his sword.. My axe hit home and I twisted it, much to the monster’s agony..It shuddered once and floated to the surface. I grinned at Reeh-Jah and motioned first to the surface and then to the potion..

He nodded, understanding.. Then we both swam up and drank heavily of our bottles of healing potion. We had managed to get about a fourth of the way to Sadrith Mora , between the swimming and the battle. “Do you need a rest?” I asked him.

“No.” He said. “Let’s keep going.”


~ by spiritedtreasure on January 16, 2010.

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