A day in the life of Shara the Orc (part 4-final)

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. It felt good to watch  Reeh-Jah battling the Slaughterfish and Dreugh which attacked us.  Reeh-Jah was in his element here and I was proud to watch him regain his courage. Finally after what seemed ages we arrived at the port and swam ashore. Only one more health potion each was needed.

We went aboard and paid the shipmaster for fare to Ebonheart. Then as directed below to a couple of cots after palming a few extra gold to the shipmaster to rest. We ate again and then rested and were awakened by the sound of the shipmaster calling out “Ebonheart” from above.

I took Reeh-Jah to the merchant there and bought him a few more supplies as well as giving him some gold for his future. Once I was sure he was all set we walked to the Argonian mission and the male Im-Kilaya who was the director, standing in an expensive robe in the center of the room.

Im-Kilaya spotted Reeh-Jah and I immediately and set to listening to Reeh-Jah’s story and how I rescued him.

I gave Im-Kilaya enough gold to pay for Reeh-Jah’s safe passage back to the Black Marsh and his home.. Reeh-Jah was speachless but I only smiled and hugged him once more.. Feeling really good about what I had done.


—The End—



~ by spiritedtreasure on October 17, 2010.

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